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Security Concerns today

With the constant threat of terrorism and serious organized hacking today, governments around the world are looking at new ways to secure and track access to their public facilities. To give yourself a piece of mind, you should invest in a secure and reliable security system.

WeissLocks, Revolutionary Locking System

WeissLocks provides an autonomous one-key security access management system designed to be vandal-proof and hack-proof to meet your toughest security challenges. Our locking units are robust, highly secure and are hidden from sight. Installed in the interior of the site, it is impossible to tamper or vandalize the lock from outside.

WeissLocks uses an encrypted sequence of mechanical pulses for unlocking our locking units. Just install our locks at any solid surface that can transmit the vibrations, and you can unlock the locks anywhere. Our locks range from the regular padlock model to special locks meant for safes. Tell us what we need, and we will recommend the best type of locks for you.

Missing Any Keys?

Why manage keys, when what you should be focusing is to manage people instead?

With WeissLocks, the focus is on the people, not the keys. Many companies tend to have master keys for their important facilities. They face issues and risks losing their master keys, either compromising security or replacing all their locks.

WeissLocks provides you with a system to control who can access where, and when. Keys are no longer necessary. We use a universal knocker, which decrypts our passwords into vibrations. As long as your access code is valid, it will open for you. We control this access code allocation, ensuring that only allowed personals can open the locks. Should any of your knockers or phone be lost, you can deactivate it so they won’t get the access code required.

Unique Locking System

Our unique locking units are based on a patented technology, which transfers encrypted data by mechanical pulses to unlock the lock. Since there are no conventional keys, keyholes or external parts, locking units are highly resistant to break-ins, vandalism, and the toughest weather conditions. To unlock the lock, the user enters the code into our device, and simply holds it against a surface that is in contact with the lock. The device will then start its pulses, and when the lock receives the signal, unlock for your access.

The code for the lock is tied to both the device, as well as your phone number. So anyone attempting to break in would require both a valid phone number, as well as the device. This additional security prevents any unauthorized access.

Access Management at your fingertips

Keys, cards, and touchpad codes may be lost or stolen, leaving outdoor facilities vulnerable.

WeissLocks system can be fully configured to support the access requirements of any organization, utilizing ad-hoc access codes, double-code requirements, preconfigured delays in unlocking the facility, and user-defined timeframes.
By changing the availability of the access code,  there is no need to replace costly locks when keys are lost or stolen, or to physically protect keys. Users can only access sites that he is allowed to, using his device and phone.


Most facilities or offices have to manage a large number of keys. This becomes a very cumbersome task, and is both costly and labor-intensive to manage. These keys may also be easily get misplaced.

Some might then share a master key for different rooms. However, this actually pose a great threat. When the keys are loaned out, there are chances of the keys being duplicated, which will not be recorded. You may not even know who has these keys. And the loss or addition of any of such keys may put you at greater risks.


WeissLocks offers a Keyless Management System which is secure and easy to deploy. Users will have to be pre-approved, indicating which locks and when can they access them. They will need to use their phone number to apply for a One Time Password(OTP) for their allocated time period. Each request will be authenticated by our server to ensure their rights of access at the given time. Such rights are easily managed in our management system.

All lock transactions will be captured and the access logs are captured for up to 3 years. This ensures you know who, and when, accessed any of your sites, ensuring your site’s security as well as records.

To Unlock

  1. User pre-register themselves with their phones and an administrator approves them for each cluster or locks
  2. Upon arrival at the secure site, the user initiates a code request
  3. The system verifies user’s credentials and cellular number
  4. The system generates an OTP code and sends it via our App or SMS
  5. Users enter the OTP code to our Knockey and hold it against the door, the lock is then unlocked by a series of encrypted pulses emitted. Note that we have an option of using bluetooth to open the lock without using the knockey


Access Management

Access is determined by our device, phone number, lock and access schedule. Should any one of them not be present, you will not be able to gain access.

These can be all set using the management portal, allowing you to control who can access, and when.

Even if you lose either your phone or device, your system is not compromised. And the system can easily disable access to a device or replace it, providing more convenience than the conventional locks. You will no longer have to worry about any key duplication, misplacement, vandalize or hacking.

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